Cllr. Anne Parry

District Ward Member for Wellesbourne East and

County Councillor for Wellesbourne Division


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19 John Taylor Way

Moreton Morrell, Warwick

Warwickshire CV35 9DH


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Four Conservative candidates for the forthcoming Local Elections have joined forces to become a powerful quartet, campaigning in adjacent rural wards bordering The Fosse Way, to put family issues first.


Cllr Izzi Seccombe, Leader of Warwickshire County Council (Stour and the Vale) has been joined by Cllr Jo Barker (Shipston), Penny-Anne O’Donnell (Ettington) and Cllr Anne Parry (Wellesbourne).  Collectively they are drawing on their own life experiences to focus on the needs of family generations, from giving children their best start in education, to providing the best adult social care.


As Cllr Izzi Seccombe explained: “Our joint campaign is centred on getting the right support for rural Warwickshire and we are pleased to have already secured an extra £20 million for adult social care over the next three years with £8.3 million in the first year.  Putting people first is our priority, and our focus also extends to improving children’s lives and their education.  


“Rural services cost more to deliver, which is why as a united voice we believe in a level playing field and will fight to reverse the £800 per pupil shortage in Warwickshire, compared to schools in Rochdale”, she added.


In response to heightening controversy over proposals for an Eastern Relief Road to the south of Stratford-upon-Avon, Cllr Seccombe commented that the scheme does not have a business or financial case and is not mentioned in the Local Plan.  As local representatives we will be supporting the views of our residents, who do not appear to be in support of these proposals.


The Local Elections are being held on Thursday 4th May and voters in the Ettington Ward will have two votes, one to elect a new district councillor and another for the Stour and the Vale county councillor.

Pictured left to right Penny Anne O’Donnell, Izzi Seccombe, Jo Barker and Anne Parry