Cllr. Anne Parry

District Ward Member for Wellesbourne East and

County Councillor for Wellesbourne Division


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07917 117737

19 John Taylor Way

Moreton Morrell, Warwick

Warwickshire CV35 9DH


Ashorne  |  Bearley  |  Charlecote  |  Hampton Lucy  |  Moreton Morrell  |  Moreton Paddox

 |  Newbold Pacey  |  Snitterfield  |  Walton  |  Wellesbourne



may affect them and their work in respect of education, social services, health care, transport and planning decisions”, she added.


Whilst Anne runs a successful PR and marketing consultancy under the banner of Owl Communications Ltd, she plans to set aside time during the week and at weekends to address councillor related matters if successfully elected.  She will also be supporting Councillor Danny Kendall in his campaign and as Vice Chairman of the Wellesbourne Conservatives Branch.


In the meantime she is looking forward to meeting as many people as possible who live and work within the Ward and once she has recovered from her broken ankle is likely to be seen walking the streets of Wellesbourne, Walton, Moreton Morrell, Newbold Pacey and Ashorne, together with Tillie, her one year old sprocker.





New Councillor for Wellesbourne Ward

Anne Parry from Moreton Morrell has been elected  in successive years to represent the Wellesbourne Ward in the  Local Elections.


Mrs Parry who has lived in the Stratford-on-Avon district for 30 years and within the Wellesbourne Ward area for the last 8 years, is a PR consultant and former journalist who runs a PR and marketing company from Moreton Morrell.


She brings extensive experience in stakeholder engagement and communications in major development projects, working with councils and legal teams, together with her strong personal interest in local government and politics.


As she explained:  “I have really enjoyed campaigning and meeting lots of people across the ward and am thrilled to be elected to represent the views and best interests of the Wellesbourne Ward.





As the elected councillor I wish play a key part in developing the Neighbourhood Development Plans for Wellesbourne and the surrounding villages.  Big decisions will need to be made over the next couple of years in terms of shaping their future and I believe this requires a greater involvement from the people who live within the ward.  


“Talking to and listening to what people have to say, how potential decisions will affect them, their families and business, representing their views by making their voice heard where it matters, is central to my ethos.  I’m also keen to make sure local people and businesses are not kept in the dark, but know what’s going on and how decisions taken at Council may affect them.


“I think that being a mother and a business owner I can relate to what’s really important to families and their homes, together with local issues that




Anne Parry, Wellesbourne AVP with TIllie AVP with TIllie AVP with TIllie Anne Parry, MM Anne Parry